Greg Coker

Building Cathedrals

My mission and focus is the development of the individual, team and organization. My vision is that as a result of reading my books, attending my workshops, experiencing one of my keynote speeches and/or a recipient of my coaching/consulting, you will leave a better person. When this happens, your organization will naturally be a better place to work.

I’m driven by a laser-like focus on the power of purpose while reaching the highest levels of engagement. My first book, Building Cathedrals: The Power of Purpose, provides readers a blueprint for personal, team and organizational effectiveness. In its fifth printing, the principles of leadership, redemption, purpose, engagement and touching others in a deep and meaningful way continues to inspire readers while the keynote speech is moving thousands in the pursuit of excellence.

My second book, Soft Skills Field Manual (4th printing), accompanies the workshop, Soft Skills Boot Camp, and is based on the essential skills needed for succeeding in the workplace. The book and the workshop are unique in that I expand the concept of soft skills to be much more than basic work skills. In short, soft skills are ALL the dynamics (purpose, engagement, communication, appreciating differences, teamwork, emotional intelligence, culture, customer satisfaction, forgiveness and reconciliation, grit, problem-solving, etc.) outside the technical aspects of one’s job.

I’m delivering this powerful workshop and keynote speech to business/industry, associations, education, government agencies and prison systems (Reentry). In fact, every inmate in Kentucky Corrections has access to my Soft Skills Boot Camp and receives “Good Time Served” off their prison sentence. Additionally, my Soft Skills has been featured on the Ohio Correction System’s Hope TV program.